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 Ducati - MK 3 Scrambler
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Ducati D2-492-67-01
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 450
Model : MK 3 Scrambler
Production : 1970 - 1974
Category : (On-Off) Dual Purpose

450 Scrambler 1974

The Taglioni style

Ducati's modern image is limited to V-twins, but that has not always been the case. In 1961, after a period dedicated to small-displacement machines, chief engineer Taglioni designed a unit-construction ohc 250. Its original version developed 19.5 hp at 7550 rpm.

Pride of the Firm

Taglioni drove the overhead-camshaft by shaft and bevel gears, profiting from the unequaled knowledge of the factory, which specialized in gear-cutting. This engine was the pride of the firm for 15 years and underwent several evolutions, starting in 1964 with the crankcase, crank, rods and gearbox redesigned.

Going Off-Road

At the 1967 Milan Show, Ducati declared its interest in off-road. The 125 Scrambler and the first version of the 350 Scrambler, whose engine and cycle part were derived from the 250, were launched. Two years later, a 450cc completed the range. The 250, 350 and 450 were available in Mark 3 road, Desmo sport (with desmodromic valve gear) and Scrambler versions. Thorough standardization allowed Ducati to keep its prices affordable. The power units were virtually identical, apart from the gearbox output pinions. The cycle part of the Scrambler had dedicated handlebars, fuel tank and saddle, as well as a shield under the engine, a larger front wheel and tire, a special Marzocchi front fork and bellows over the front and rear springs. This was discontinued in 1974, when the Scrambler ended its career with the suspension of the Mark 3 (see photo).


Engine: 436cc (86x75mm) air-cooled singlecylinder four-stroke; coil ignition

Power Rating: 27 hp @ 6500 rpm; torque 27 lb/ ft

Valves: overhead-camshaft

Fuel System: 29mm Dell'Orto carburetor

Transmission: 5-speed, multi-plate clutch; chain final drive

Suspension: Marzocchi telescopic forks (front); swing arm (rear)

Brakes: central drum; 7 inch (front); 6.3 inch (rear)

Wheels: 3.00xl9 inch (front); 4.00xl8 inch (rear)

Weight: 337 lb

Maximum Speed: 81 mph


The Ducati Scrambler was a well-liked off-road machine, and its 450 version predicted the fashion for big singles. The fashion goes on and a new Ducati Scrambler serie is appearing for 2015 with V-twin engines.


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