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 Honda - CB Seven fifty & Nighthawk
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Honda D2-492-64-05
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 750
Model : CB Seven fifty & Nighthawk
Production : 1991 -
Category : (R) Street Bike


750 CB Seven Fifty & Nighthawk - 1991

Reinventing the standard

Honda took motorcycling in a different direction with the launch of the 750 Seven Fifty and Nighthawk in 1991. For years, bikes had been getting faster, more complex, more specialized – and more expensive. Here at last was a simple, versatile 750cc four with enough performance to be fun, and with a bargain price. The Seven Fifty was for Europe and the Nighthawk, more economical, dedicated to the States.

Old-Fashioned Layout

Its enthusiastic reception was partly clue to a craze for traditionally styled "retro" bikes, but the air-cooled, 747cc straight-four engine and twin-shock chassis layout were adopted for more pragmatic reasons. Shaped by extensive market research, the bike was created especially for the US market as a "New American Standard."

Spare Parts Special

Many of those bikes components were borrowed from previous models, including the twin-cam, 16-valve engine, which had been introduced in the CBX750. Suspension was new and of basic specification; the nonadjustable forks and twin shocks held unfashionable 18-inch wheels. European CB Seven Fifty model differs with its 17’ wheels, twin front discs, rear disc brake (drum for US) and rear damper with separate oil tank. It is also 11 hp more powerful. Neat styling disguised the fact that other parts, including lights, fenders and brakes, also came from previous models. The engine was impressively smooth and responsive in the midrange. An upright riding position did not encourage fast cruising, but the Honda's broad scat made the bike comfortable at low to medium speeds. Nighthawk and CB Seven Fifty were competent, unspectacular motorbikes with one great asset: spectacular value for the money.

SPECIFICATIONS (CB Seven Fifty between brackets)

Engine: 747cc (67x53mm) air-cooled four-cylinder

Power Rating: 74 (85) hp @ 8500 rpm

Valves: dohc 16-valve

Fuel System: 4x34mm Keihin carburetors

Transmission: 5-speed, chain final drive

Suspension: telescopic forks (front); twin shocks (with separate oil tank)(rear)

Brakes: single disc (Twin discs)(front); drum (disc)(rear) Wheels: 18 inch (17 inch) cast alloy (front & rear)

Weight: 463 lb (473 lb)

Maximum Speed: 120 mph

Simple but effective styling helped create a useful and enjoyable bikes for the US as well as for Europe.

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