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 JBB - 750 Kawasaki
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JBB Kawasaki motocyclette motorrad motorcycle vintage classic classique scooter roller moto scooter
Photo ou archives : M. Montange

Capacity : 750
Model : Kawasaki
Production : 1992 -
Category : (R) Racing


750 Kawasaki Endurance -1992

Small company, big ideas

Handbuilt racers often predict the features of forthcoming models from major factories. Though a small, highly-motivated team may be strapped for cash, it is more flexible and adaptable than a big company, which must consider factors of putting a design into production and whether it is risking its image by racing an untried concept.

Original Front Suspension

JBB - the initials are those of constructor Jean-Bertrand Bruneau- has for a number of years been working on an original design of front suspension incorporating superimposed wishbones with hub-center steering. The concept became particularly interesting in 1992 when Yamaha presented its new top of- the-range model equipped with a very similar layout. The little JBB workshop maintained its lead. While the new Yamaha was still just a show model, the latest version of the JBB - built with the aid of Vincent Sebileau - was racing in the Bol d'Or.

Aggressive Styling

The victim of growing pains, it finished down the field, though not without having shown

its potential with a speed of over 170 mph and outstanding roadholding, spoiled only by

a vibration period in the front suspension. The JBB is really eye-catching and is innovative yet not shocking, with its triple head lamps, huge tires, unorthodox suspension and light lines. The double-wishbone front suspension doesn't clip under heavy braking, and its geometry is completely adjustable.


Engine: 750cc (71x47mm) liquid-cooled Kawasaki 750 ZXR four-cylinder four-stroke forming main frame member

Power Rating: 125 hp

Valves: twin overhead-camshafts/ 16 valves

Fuel System: four 39mm carburetors

Transmission: 6-speed, chain final drive

Suspension: progressive single-damper units; superimposed wishbones with hub-center steering (front); swinging arm (rear); wheelbase variable between 53-55.5 inches

Brakes: 8 inch four-piston carbon disc (front); AP calliper 4piston (rear)

Weight: 353 lb

Maximum Speed: 170 mph


The suspension units are fixed directly to the engine on this revolutionary machine, avoiding the need for a frame.

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