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 Laverda - 250 Chott
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Laverda Chott motocyclette motorrad motorcycle vintage classic classique scooter roller moto scooter
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 250
Model : Chott
Production : 1974 - 1977
Category : (On-Off) Dual Purpose


250 Chott -1974

Off-roader and under-powered

Launched at the 1973 Milan Show, the 250 Chott marked a small revolution for Laverda.

Its name, taken from a type of lake found in Tunisia, was intriguing and, moreover, if it wasn't exactly Laverda's first two-stroke (they had built a moped ten years earlier), it was the marque's initial venture into the offroad sector.

Brimming with Ideas

It was a "trail-bike," a class of machine that Italy had scarcely touched before, and was brimming with original ideas. Its steering head could be adjusted to three different caster angles to suit the fork geometry to different types of terrain, it had a dry clutch and the final drive was enclosed in an oil tight chaincase. Exotic materials were used in its construction, notably magnesium brakes and engine casings. Even if its styling was

unexpected, the overall effect was attractive.

Heavy and Underpowered

However, the Chott was heavy and sadly lacking in power. Moreover, its off-road capabiblies were scarcely better than its roadholding. In 1976, Laverda tried to relaunch the Chott in a 2T/R version developing 30 hp, with a strengthened frame, a suspended mudguard ancl a more obviously "enduro" character, but the harm had already been done. When production was terminated in 1977, only some 5000 Chotts and 2T/Rs had left the factoty. Laverda was already engaged on another front with more typically "enduro" machines powered by Husqvarna engines.


Engine: 247cc (68x68mm) air-cooled singlecylinder two-stroke

Power Rating: 26 hp @ 7600 rpm

Valves: two-stroke

Fuel System: Dell'0rto 33mm carburetor

Transmission: 5-speed; enclosed chain final drive

Suspension: telescopic forks (front); swinging fork (rear)

Brakes: drum (from & rear)

Wheels: 3.00x21 inch (front); 4.00x18 inch (rear)

Weight: 260 lb

Maximum Speed: 68 mph


In its day, the styling of the Chott was regarded as extreme, tbough nowadays it's difficult to understand what all the fuss was about!


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