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 Phelon More Panther - 250 Mod. 65 Stroud Trials machine
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Phelon More Panther Mod. 65 Stroud Trials machine motocyclette motorrad motorcycle vintage classic classique scooter roller moto scooter
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 250
Model : Mod. 65 Stroud Trials machine
Production : 1949 - 1954
Category : (Off-Road) Trial


250 Stroud Mk 1 - 1950

Trials without tribulations

Between 1901 and 1966, Panther – founded by Joah Phelon of Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, who went into partnership with Richard Moore in 1903 – was best known for its inclined big singles whose cylinder doubled as the front down tube of the frame. Phelon & Moore, known as "P&M," resumed production after World War II with the popular prewar 600cc Model 100 "sloper" and new 250 and 350cc vertical singles with the oil carried in a forward extension of the crankcase.

Happy Landings

In 1947 Panther adopted Dowty oleo-pneumatic front forks, made by a company famous for aircraft landing gear. The excellent results achieved by this adjustable suspension compared with other systems of the day, and the predilection of the firm's management for competing in trials gave birth to one of the finest little trials bikes of its day, the Stroud. It went into production in 1949 in 250 and 350cc form.

An Enviable Reputation

The Stroud soon gained an enviable reputation in trials, with riders such as Maurice Laidlaw and Bill Jackson; it was also very successful in grass-track racing in the hands of Bob Dunn. The Stroud was only sold in small numbers in its homeland; its most appreciative clients came from the Scandinavian countries, so much so that the Swedish Svalan firm built the road-going derivatives of the Stroud, the 65 and 75, under license.


Engine: 248cc (60x88mm) air-cooled single-cylinder, magneto ignition

Valves: overhead

Fuel System: 27mm Amal carburetor

Transmission: Burman 4-speed; chain drive

Suspension: Dowry oleo-pneumatic: telescopic forks (front); rigid (rear)

Brakes: 6 inch drum (front); 8 inch drum (rear)

Wheels: 2.75x21 inch (front); 4.00x19 inch (rear)

Weight: 265 lb

This is #8 of the ve1y limited production run of Panther Strouds built between 1949 and 1954.

Le fichier Moto Passion réalisé par François-Marie Dumas réunit près de deux mille photos accompagnées d'un historique très complet des machines présentées.
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Cette documentation unique, qui constitue sans doute l'encyclopédie la plus exhaustive jamais écrite sur l'histoire de la moto, a été réalisée avec l'assistance de nombreux spécialistes dont principalement Didier Ganneau, Christophe Gaime, Mick Woollett, Jean Goyard, Bernard Salvat, Christian Rey, Yves Campion, Helmut Krackowizer, Michael Dregni, Michel Montange, etc. que je remercie ici.

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