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 Peraves Ecomobile - 1000 W-18 K5
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Peraves  Ecomobile W-18 K5 motocyclette motorrad motorcycle vintage classic classique scooter roller moto scooter
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 1000
Model : W-18 K5
Production : 1989 - 1997
Category : (R) Street Bike


Ecomobile W - 18 K 5 - 1989

It's a car, it's a plane, it's -what is it?

Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Certainly the British authorities expressed no doubts when this Swiss-built tandem-seated two-wheeler visited England in 1982, insisting that its pilot wear a crash helmet, obligatory on motorcycles.

Five Speeds - and Reverse ...

This highly-original machine uses a 987cc BMW four-cylinder engine and transmission, though a Swiss gearbox incorporating reverse gear is available as an option. Like the Monotrace of the Twenties, the Ecomobile has a car-like body, streamlined like an airplane fuselage, with an all-enveloping canopy. Its construction comes from the aerospace industry.

Air-Conditioned Luxury

Production is limit~d, but one of the first 15 owners avows: "My Ecomobile is superior to a conventional motorcycle, even on narrow mountain roads. Its length does not pose any problems when maneuvering in confined places, for it has a 26-foot turning circle, it

can safely be leaned over to 52 degrees – more than a motorcycle – and its fuel consumption is noticeably less." Snug in his air-conditioned cockpit (stereo and telephone are options), the rider controls the Ecomobile through a hand gearshift; twin pedals operate clutch and coupled brakes (ABS is another option). Beneath the handlebars – the front fork is also from the BMW – a button controls the retractable steady wheels which provide extra safety in icy conditions.


Engine: water-cooled 987cc BMW four-cylinder four-stroke

Power Rating: 90 hp @ 8000 rpm

Valves: double-overhead-camshafts

Fuel System: fuel injection

Transmission: 5-speecl

Suspension: telescopic fork (front); swinging fork (rear)

Brakes: ventilated disk

Wheels: alloy

Weight: 870 lb

Maximum Speed: 150 mph

Avant-garde? The Economobile recently made an appearance in Wim Wender's filtn Until the End of the World, as the police cycle of the near future.

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