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 Yamaha - XVZ 12 TD Venture
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Yamaha D2-492-39-14
Photo ou archives : F-M. Dumas

Capacity : 1200
Model : XVZ 12 TD Venture
Production : 1983 - 1994
Category : (R) Street Bike


1200 XVZ Venture -1983

Japan's first big V-four

ln its unceasing pursuit of Honda, Yamaha sought to match the Gold Wing flat-four, which was enjoying an excellent reputation and which in 1982 had just been uprated to 1100cc. Perfected by Yamaha-USA, the Venture appeared in 1983 with a magnificent V-four engine that combined all the essential technical features such as chain-driven overhead-camshafts, 16 valves, four constantvacuum carburetors and shaft drive. Original in concepL- it was Japan's first big V-four - the Venture also broke new ground aesthetically with soft, flowing lines adding a light, elegant touch to its imposing bulk.


A Fatal Blow

Despite its mechanical qualities, the Venture never posed a serious challenge to the GoldWing, which was constantly evolving. When the Honda went to six cylinders in 1988, it dealt the Yamaha a fatal blow, even though the Venture gained a 1300cc engine.


Exceptional Value for Money

In Europe, the Venture also suffered by not having been designed for high speeds, at which its stability could become chancy. Its fore-and-aft coupled braking also needed improvement. In contrast, the Venture (or XVZ 121D, to give it its model designation) offered an irreproachable standard of finish, a high level of specification and outstanding comfort at an extremely competitive price. It's also worth noting that its power unit –with its formidable levels of power and torque - was also used on the Yamaha V -Max.



Engine: 1 198cc (76x66mm) water-cooled Vfour four-stroke

Power Rating: 97 hp @ 7000 rpm

Valves: twin chain-driven overhead-camshafts per cylinder bank; 16 valves

Fuel System: four 34mm constant-vacuum carburetors

Transmission: 5-speed, shaft final drive

Suspension: telescopic forks (front); swing arm with monodamper (rear)

Brakes: rwin disc (front); disc (rear); all brakes coupled

Wheels: 120/90xl8 inch (front); 140/90x16 inch (rear)

Weight: 723 lb

Maximum Speed: 120 mph -


Despite its imposing dimensions, the Yamaha XVZ Venture was an outstandingly elegant bike.


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