Malaguti - Olympique 4 v
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Malaguti D2-492-42-09
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Capacity : 50
Model : Olympique 4 v
Production : 1976 -
Category : (R) Street Bike


Olympique 40 RS - 1976

Built for the boy racers

In the late 1950s, Italy gave motorcycling some fresh blood with the 50cc sports bike – it was a new discipline perfectly matched to the Latin temperament.

Filling a Niche

In the wake of Motom, Peripoli, Itom, Mondial, Garelli and Benelli, a host of lesser constructors rushed into this new niche market, with the willing aid of numerous accessory makers, most importantly the manufacturers of frames and engines. The leading engine makers were Franco Morini and F.B. Minarelli, while Malaguti of Bologna made pressed-steel frames, forks and tanks.

Major Step Forward

Changing from an accessory manufacturer to becoming a manufacturer of 50cc motorbikes took only one step, which Malaguti happily made in 1958 by ordering engines from Franco Morini. The Olympique of 1976 was part of a 15-strong range of 50cc machines that included four evocatively-named sports models – Maggiolino, Sportivo, Olympique 40 RS and 60 RS – and two motocross variants – Calvacone and Roncobilaccio. The Olympique 40 RS combined all the ingredients of motorcycle sport – red enamel, dropped handlebars ("grand touring" sit-up-and-beg bars were also available), twin down-pipes (coming from a single exhaust port) and an "Alpha Sculpto" 4.25 gallon tank specially shaped to receive the special saddle with its backrest and belly pad so that the rider could adopt a real "boy racer" speed crouch. All that spoiled the illusion was the necessary pedaling gear!


Engine: 50cc (39x42mm) air-cooled single-cylinder

Power Rating: 1.5 hp @ 4300 rpm

Valves: two-stroke

Fuel System: carburetor

Transmission: 4-speed, chain final drive

Suspension: telescopic forks (front); swing arm (rear)

Brakes: drum (front & rear)

Wheels: 2.25x18 inch (front); 2.50x18 (rear)

Weight: 115 lb

Maximum Speed: 28 mph

The Olympique 40 RS was a real sheep in wolfs clothing: despite its glamorous dropped handlebars and racing tank, it was little more than a bicycle at heart!

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